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preparatory for toefl and IELTS


Study for TOEFL and IELTS with online classes in full courses. Many Brazilians look for opportunities in foreign countries. In English-speaking countries for study and work trips, proof of English proficiency is required. These classes focus on preparing for different tests, at all stages, and sharing tips on how to get the best possible result.

Os alunos que participam Exames

You may have different reasons for deciding to take a language certification exam, such as IELTS or TOEFL . These tests involve many different steps and require time control, knowledge of the model of the questions and what the examiner expects in his answer. Therefore, good preparation can give you the advantage you need to enter the university program , get a job in another country, guarantee a gap year traveling or differentiate yourself in the job market .

How are the classes -

Once you define the test and the date you will provide it, we outline an action plan. Classes consist of solving previous tests. We discussed each step and the strategies to help solve the exercise. We work with reading and text interpretation techniques, posture in the interview, writing technique and understanding of listening exercises.

Checking Your Progress -

The preparatory suggests some sites on which you can perform test simulations as you progress in your studies. Thus, you can adjust your strategy and ensure the best result in the race.

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