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trust your english

Define a personalized class model to feel confident in English and achieve your goals.

Do you want to speak English with confidence and need partners to help you on this mission? Here at Mantiqueira Idiomas we offer three main courses for you to develop what you are looking for most. If you have the dream of living in another country or want to talk to a native speaker, our General English courses are your right choice. Now, if you already communicate well, and need more intensive training for corporate English or dream of international universities , our specific courses are what you were looking for to feel comfortable and talk to everyone. Check out more details below:

expand: general english

Have you considered living in another country or communicating naturally with a native speaker? The course is focused on developing student fluency and is excellent even for those in the early stages of learning! It works in different everyday situations and is a great gateway to the language, being a basis for any purpose in the language you have.

INGLÊS iniciante

Descubra que você pode ter suas primeiras conversas em inglês nesse curso, desenhado para quem tem pouco ou nenhum conhecimento prévio da língua.

hired: english for business

Aulas Personalizadas para quem busca aprovação no TOEFL para intercâmbio, estudo e imigração. Você vai conhecer a prova e praticar ferramentas que aumentam suas chances de aprovação.

business english

Pratique inglês com foco em situações de trabalho, como reuniões, apresentações e entrevistas de emprego.

All courses are tailored to the student's goals, learning style and level of urgency. Class templates are discussed with the student and are frequently reviewed. Which course best suits your needs today? Get in touch and make an appointment !

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