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Are you going to move to a new country (or have you already moved) and have an urgent need to communicate? Or do you still need to deal with everyday conversations on a daily basis and don't feel confident speaking in English? The EXPAND YOUR ENGLISH course is the most versatile English course by Tami Ferreira - English and Culture. The sessions meet your needs from the beginner level to the intermediate-advanced level and will give you the confidence to explore a new culture.

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our services

In these topics, we explore how you can present your world, your routine and the one you love. It is a base that guarantees trust and reference for the most challenging subjects of the language.

our services

Still following the idea that the sessions work on significant issues for you, we will talk about past situations and your plans for the future and how to express them.

our services

We will practice situations related to shopping, going to the pharmacy and to the doctor. We will also talk about travel situations, such as airports and hotels.

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All sessions are specially designed to meet the needs of each client. Therefore, we encourage your participation with the suggestion of topics and materials that can make the journey more peaceful: videos, music and cultural experiences are part of the learning process!

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