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Terms and conditions


Clause One: The purpose of this instrument is to provide English language teaching services, with a focus on CONVERSATION SESSIONS, to be delivered by the CONTRACTOR to the CONTRACTING PARTY.

The CONTRACTING PARTY declares that, as in any academic area, the success of teaching depends on its own application, dedication and commitment, both in and outside the classroom.


Second Clause: The course will consist of 4 (four) LESSONS lasting 60 (sixty) minutes (monthly package) . At the end of the package, the course will be automatically renewed for another period, in case the CONTRACTED PARTY does not express the decision to interrupt the course.


Third Clause: The sessions will be held in the online format at the time to be agreed, with the exception of holidays, which will be duly compensated, at a time to be agreed upon later, according to the convenience of the parties.

Clause Four: In the event of cancellation of a lesson by the CONTRACTING PARTY, the CONTRACTOR must notify the CONTRACTED PARTY at least 24 (twenty-four) hours in advance so that he is entitled to reschedule the lesson according to the agreement between the parties. If the notification occurs within a period of less than 24 hours, the class will be duly accounted for, the CONTRACTING PARTY losing the right to reschedule.

Fifth Clause: In the case of class cancellation by the CONTRACTED PARTY, the CONTRACTING PARTY must be notified as soon as possible and the class rescheduled according to agreement between the parties.

Sixth Clause: The CONTRACTING PARTY's default for more than (01) month authorizes the contractual termination, giving rise to the application of a fine, thus generating the debt of the defaulting installment plus the fine in the amount of a portion of the course. They can and will be litigated in the special civil court.


Clause Seven: For the services referred to in Clause One, the CONTRACTING PARTY will pay the CONTRACTOR the amount of R $ 180.00 (one hundred and eighty reais) paid at the beginning of the course.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Payment must be made by means of a bank slip sent to the CONTRACTING PARTY. In case of non-receipt within 24 hours of the payment date, the contractor must notify the contractor by email or telephone.

The simple absence from classes does not release the contractor from the payment of the installments agreed in this contract.

Clause Eight: In case of delay in payment by the CONTRACTING PARTY, a penalty of 2% (two percent) will be added to the monthly fee, in addition to monetary restatement based on IGPM / FGV and interest based on 1% (one per percent) per month, from the due date to the date of actual payment.


Clause Nine: If the CONTRACTING PARTY has opted for the MONTHLY package, at the end of the current 30-day period, there will be no contractual obligation between the parties. The current term is paid, the contractor taking the class or not.

If the CONTRACTING PARTY has opted for the three-month or six-month contract, for the termination of this contract by the CONTRACTING PARTY, the CONTRACTING PARTY must notify the CONTRACTED PARTY at least 30 (thirty) days in advance. This 30-day notice period is paid, whether the contractor is taking classes or not.

The CONTRACTING PARTY is also responsible for paying the difference between the monthly fees paid in the contracted package and the corresponding period in the MONTHLY package, which will be charged together with the last payment. This payment is justified for supporting the schedule and the reservation of the time that the CONTRACTOR made.

After the end of the 30-day notice, there will be no contractual obligation between the parties.


Tenth Clause: Expenses related to study materials or any other nature are not part of this contract, and the CONTRACTING PARTY must acquire the requested material.


Twelfth Clause: To settle any disputes arising from the CONTRACT, the parties elect the Court of the District of Jacareí, SP.


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