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business english


Business English classes are excellent for you, who already speak English but are not yet fluent. In these sessions, we work on business issues and also offer preparations for presentations and selection processes.

our services

Linguistic development in your area

Preparation for selection processes

The base material adopted in our sessions is developed in partnership with Financial Times. We define a work plan together and select the most relevant topics for your progress.

We cover from the preparation stages for the position, such as studying the company, sector and career. We perform simulations of dynamics and interviews. We discuss good practices and cultural aspects that can impact your answers.

Preparation for presentations in English

Proof-reading of resumes and cover letters.

Public speaking is already disconcerting. Speaking in public and in another language, then, requires more attentive preparation. We will learn how to structure your presentations so you can get your message across clearly and get what you want.

Job vacancies that require applicants to submit documents in English can cause you to lose your sleep. Checking that everything is where it should be is a good idea to ensure that you are portraying your best.

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