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Study in groups and

evolve faster

Study in small groups with personalized lessons. More opportunities to practice and evolve in the language at affordable prices.

How it works?

Group classes have the same attention to detail as individual classes. The difference is that you have more colleagues to practice English and tuition is more affordable. The courses are developed in module format and have a duration of up to five months . You organize your schedule and can practice a new language.

The methodology:

Group classes adopt the Communicative Approach and Project-Based Learning . This means that the focus of the classes is to develop communication skills and put the grammatical topics of the language into practice. The evaluation of your progress is made through the development of a project throughout the course. Classes are supported by quizzes and a virtual environment to exchange with other colleagues.

I don't know my level of English. How can I know which class is mine?

You can perform a level verification test by clicking here . The test offers a suggestion of where to start.

You can also check the programmatic content of each of the modules, in the table below:

Introduction (2).png
Encontros semanais ao-vivo.png

Sometimes, you can be very skilled in the knowledge of the grammar of the language, but you have difficulty translating it into the skills, especially speaking. If you still have a question, get in touch and schedule an individual interview.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Check out the courses and schedules available and register!

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