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Course and Packages


Suitable for students from the intermediate level, conversation sessions are a relaxed and light way to practice fluency, discussing everyday matters and reviewing the structure of the language as doubts arise.

We often study languages ​​for a long time, but we find it difficult to turn this knowledge into articulate conversation . As difficult as it may seem, it is possible to achieve fluency by discussing everyday matters.

Conversation classes allow you to increase your vocabulary, improve your pronunciation and also revise language structures, which are presented in a contextualized way, and in a relaxed model that progresses according to the needs and the pace of each one.

Colegas de trabalho no escritório modern

How are the classes -

The hour-long sessions start with free conversations that do not have a pre-established theme, but can also count on the support of support materials, such as internet videos , newspaper and magazine articles , films and books .

Checking your progress -

This program does not take tests to check the student's progress. The objective of the classes is mainly qualitative , that is, he intends to develop more fluency in conversations in the foreign language, in addition to giving more confidence in the student's speech and developing the language, enabling the student to express himself appropriately in different situations.

Some students love that freedom. Others, lack support material and a schedule for their studies. If you prefer the second, check out our other course .

It is always useful to use subjects that you like in class, especially since we remember things more easily when they are associated with a positive memory. We know that and use it to our advantage.

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